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The Dead Fronts announce ‘Dangerous Impressions’ EP release on Nov 19th

17 October 2012 No Comment


On November 19th, The Dead Fronts release the Dangerous Impressions EP through their own label, Kiossk Records… Recorded in a fortnight, and mixed by Justin Hill at Fortress Studios in late 2012.

The Dead Fronts were brought together by a mutual thirst to create music that blended their eclectic shared taste. Melodic yet heavy, dark and driving songs were their aim. Having stumbled upon an unkempt garage in North London, they decided to build themselves a modest but solid studio. Begging, ‘borrowing’ and kidnapping equipment; they recorded and produced their debut EP Dangerous Impressions themselves. It has certainly proven to quench that initial thirst.

Upon listening to the EP, you will soon realise that the band are happy to indulge in, then meddle with typical genres… From the proggy inclination of Forward Machine through to the grunge driven Fake. The slow pace and grind of Dangerous Impressions and People Talking lean further towards indie rock greatness before turning sharply to a post grunge climax, and the darkly anthemic Killer Bee ends in a flurry of guitar riffs and tribal rumblings.

The distinctly Northern trio of Gaz, Jordan and Russell provide the lyrical and melodic heart, with Stu and Muz driving the tribal growl of the five piece’s rhythm section. The Dead Fronts’ signature is their ‘play to their strengths’ use of three distinctive vocals, creating a combination of textured harmonies and angular vocals to fuse with the forceful blow of their guitar parts.

The Dead Fronts are: Jordan Smith (Vocals), Gaz Tomlinson (Guitar / Vocals), Russell Ditchfield (Guitar / Vocals), Muz McHattie (Bass) and Stu Roberts (Drums).