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Soft Bullets are a two piece, transatlantic collaboration with a predominantly alternative-indie sound but drawing too on electronica, hiphop and progressive rock. The result is that of something melodic, addicting, and timeless yet undeniably current.

Despite their compact set up Soft Bullets use multiple instruments and triggers to cover many bases live, giving as much of a full band sound as they typically produce in their recordings. Inspired by live performances from recent Electronic duos (Justice, Daft Punk) the intention is to strike a balance between DJ and band – a huge sound but with a much more live focus.

Soft Bullets formed in 2011 when singer-songwriter Christopher Wall (Bournemouth, UK) was introduced to multi instrumentalist Dan Capaldi (Portland, US) where they soon found a mutual interest in producing dynamic melodic soundscapes. Late in 2012 they released ‘Hyperreality’ a limited edition vinyl EP. The tracks from the EP offered ghostly harmonies and sleepy tempos abound, as the UK / Portland US duo conjured up an eerily haunting opener in ‘History: a memory’, a subdued chill out groove in ‘Another Chance’ and an atmospheric stumbling piano driven ballad in ‘Broken Circuits’. Whilst the weightless washed out beauty of ‘Hyperreality’ ended the ambitious EP with of moment of poignant infectious promise. Each track a testament to their musical philosophy of sound, textures, and arrangements.

Soft Bullets will be releasing their new single ‘Posterity’, a rhythmic slice of synth driven buzzing indie electronica, on March 11th via Township Records.


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