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On 3rd December 2012, TELLISON will release a special edition, remastered version of their totally barn-storming and brilliant classic of a debut album, ‘Contact! Contact!’ through Naim Edge Records in order to celebrate the fifth anniversary of its original release through Gravity DIP/Banquet Records in the Autumn of 2007. ‘Contact! Contact!’ established Tellison as one of the cult favourites of London’s alt-indie scene, with the entire – 5,000 strong – cd pressing of the original Banquet Records issue being devoured instantaneously by hungry fans, before somehow evaporating into a legend that left its mark on the wealth of UK ‘s bands that to this day cite Tellison as an influence. Somewhere between the hype, the teaming sweaty hives of arm-flailing closed-eyed students who knew every word, the major label A&Rs wraithlike floating at the back of the venue, a Kingston based indie label with bills to pay AND four undergrads pressed with writing dissertations instead of music, somehow Tellison faded into the background – in itself, no bad thing – with the more measured, more qualified impact of their 2011 sophomore album ‘The Wages Of Fear’ polling in both a Kerrang! and Rock Sound magazine’s ‘Albums Of The Year’.

The abundant energy and literary wit of their critically acclaimed debut ‘Contact! Contact!’ made it an instant success with muso-teens, students and journalists alike. With the infectious hooks that seasoned ‘C!C!’ so vivid and– to this day – so celebrated at every sell-out gig and music festival, perhaps it is the humility and tangibility of Tellison post- ‘C!C!’ era that makes this band (and this debut album) so loved by the underground. Five years later, Tellison, still working regular jobs to sustain their double-life as cult rock n’ roll stars, wish only for the world to hear it again. As the soundtrack to fidelity and full time education in 2007, five years on ‘C!C!’ can now thump to the step of fresh feet.

The special edition, remastered cd will ALSO include the previously released, but long since sold out ‘Contact! Contact! Remixed’ AS WELL AS 2 extra tracks (previously unreleased on cd format), the single ‘Wasps’ Nest’ and the popular b-side, ‘Gibraltar’ added to the album for both physical and digital release. The band will also be heading off on a very small, very sweaty UK headline tour in support of this release, playing ‘Contact! Contact!’ from start to finish, during a week of special shows at the end of November/start of December in the smallest rooms/galleries/libraries/odd buildings they have played in for over five years.
Full list of dates are just below:

Contact! Contact! 5th Anniversary Tour Dates

“For this tour we wanted to do something memorable. We’ve been playing the same venues up and down the country for quite a long time now and we thought it’d be fun to get back in people’s faces and out of everyone’s comfort zone. These shows will be all about getting packed rooms of drunk, sweaty, happy people to sing along to every word of our first record “Contact! Contact!”. If you think you can help us with that please step forward…” Stephen H Davidson – vocals/guitar, Tellison

26/11 Banquet Records, Kingston-Thames (in-store from 6pm)
“Back in ’07 we played an in-store at Banquet the day Contact!
Contact! came out. The show and the record sold out. People spilled out into the road and lay semi-conscious on the ground by the kebab shop with heat exhaustion. Band members passed out. No-one really seemed to notice. Someone made us a cake. It was basically incredible.
We plan to make it even better this time round.”

27/11 Blueline Studios, Bournemouth (byob)
“I’m not sure how or why, but every time we play in Bournemouth it’s silly busy. This tour is all about playing these songs in as intimate a setting a possible, singing every word right into the faces of people who care. So this special rehearsal room/house party BOYB gig is going to be as sweaty and wild as you can imagine. Personal space will be at a premium. Plus our label manager has a flat by the sea, so we’ve got some sofas to pass out on afterwards. Perfect.”

28/11 Moustache Bar, London
“Tellison used to be all about floor shows. No-one would have us in proper venues so we played in garden sheds, kitchens, living-rooms, bedrooms and on improbably small patches of floor all over the country. Anyone who’s come to our recent shows at Fool’s Paradise in Harrow or Southsea Fest in Portsmouth will testify we’ve been experimenting with the format again and it’s been insanely fun.
London’s always a great show and where better to scream along to Contact! Contact! until everyone’s lost their voice than crammed into a tiny moustache-themed bar in Dalston? Exactly.”

29/11 Bristol, The Old Bookshop
“Books are pretty freakin’ neat. We like them. The idea of playing shows in bookshops has been one we’ve floated a few times over the years but, understandably, most bookshops politely decline when approached. Amazingly, terrifyingly, the Old Bookshop in Bristol has acquiesced to our request and we think they’ve got the space to make this one pretty special. The last few Bristol shows we’ve played have been nuts. Things will probably get very weird. Then we can drink cider till we go blind.”

30/11 Truck Records, Oxford
“Ah Truck! We’ve had some good/unbelievable times at Truck Festival over the years so it’s a complete delight to be invited into their sister store in the heart of Oxford. We’ll be tearing it up like it’s ’07 and doing our best not to break anything, hurt ourselves or bite anyone. Come down, get psyched.”

01/12 Brighton Electric, Brighton (byob)
“If, by this point, any of us are still alive, Brighton is going to be one heck of a show. Our equipment will be broken, our voices ragged at best and in that respect, it will be utterly true to the ’07 version of Tellison. Recent Brighton shows have been, to quote Cameron Crowe’s movie Almost Famous, ‘incendiary’. So we’re looking forward to this one rather a lot. It’s BYOB so you know you can party hard. Plus we can all go to Grubs for burgers after the show. Excellent.”

TELLISON are: Henry Danowski – Drums / Stephen H Davidson – Vocals, guitar / Andrew Tickell – Bass / Peter Phillips – Guitar, vocals


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